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Thread: SplitFields question

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    Default SplitFields question

    I am trying to use SplitField to do the following:

    1) Convert a text field in a database which looks like: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, etc.
    2) Create a one-to-many relationship using a known key in PARENT table to create a LINK table to DIVISION table.

    | PARENT |
    | parentID |
    | Name |
    | Address |
    | ..etc.. |
    | divisionList |
    | ..etc.. |

    | DIVISION |
    | divisionID |
    | divisionDesc |

    | LINK |
    | parentID |
    | divisonID |

    DIVISION table contains a full text listing of all the possible Division values. It has an auto-generated index of its own. It has already been filled.

    PARENT table contains a text field with a bunch of comma separated DIVISION categories.

    The LINK table would take PARENT.key (parentID) and DIVISION.key (divisionID) and insert a new entry in the LINK table which has only two values: parentID and divisionID. There can be many parentID entries but no duplicate divisionIDs for any one parentID.

    Hopefully that made sense!

    I am stuck on the split fields because I can get the values out, what I cannot figure is how to 'explode' those values into multiple rows one for each value of the SplitField result.

    Do I need to write some JavaScript to process each one?
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    I'm sure you can use the "Normaliser" step. Take a look at the samples/transformation directory for an example.


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    Thanks. Will do.

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    Thanks again, that seemed to do the trick!

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