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Thread: two pages not working with Oracle 10g

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    Default two pages not working with Oracle 10g

    Hi All:

    I did manual deployment of Pentaho with Oracle 10g and Jboss Portal stack.

    Things seem to be running OK except for two pages:

    1. "Go -> New Report" page comes up fine. But None of the business models get loaded. Data is present in pentaho SID (with sampledata/password credentials) and I've modified all the relevant *-ds.xml files and hibernate.cfg.xml file.

    Looks like I've not modified some xml file I should have modified.

    2. "Go -> Portal" page comes up fine. However when I try to log-in to JBoss Portal Login with "joe/password" credentials, I get login error (The user doesn't exist or the password is incorrect).

    Again, looks like some configuration changes are missing.

    Appreciate your suggestions/help on this.

    Btw, I am documenting all the findings here:

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    Regarding the first problem, I've made some progress..
    I followed steps mentioned in and *successfully* published the metadata domain to BI Server. - I can even see metadata.xmi file correctly placed under /samples directory.

    However, I still get the same error - No domain defined when I navigate to 'Go->New Report' link.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Regarding #2 in the original post, JBoss looks in server/default/data/porta/hypersonic/database.script for user records. Make sure joe is there by executing SELECT * FROM JBP_USERS.

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    I use oracle 10g as the may be I should create oracle folder there?

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    How do I create JBP_* tables for oracle ? is there a script for that anywhere?

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    What concerns me is that your portal installation does not seem to be using database.script, which is the default. Did you change this? Before migrating tables to Oracle, you might want to make sure that a database is the best choice. For example, do you have an existing LDAP server containing user records? If so, this would be the better option. Is your user population relatively small? A small number of users (which never change) might fit simply in a .properties file.

    If you still want to migrate to Oracle, I suggest consulting the JBoss Portal forums.

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    We use oracle 10g as the warehouse. And I am just evaluating Pentaho BI Platform for one of the projects we'll be working on. So, I am using different schemas for hibernate, quartz, shark, and sampledata. I think that probably explains why database.script under hypersonic folder is not being used. And, we dont have any existing LDAP server running.

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