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Thread: Problem getting data from a input table with parameter

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    Default Problem getting data from an input table with parameter

    I'm new to Pentaho Data Integration and I'm working with it since one week , I have found most of the answers that I needed from the documentation and/or from the different threads from this forum or javaforge. So, I have a little problem with Table Input Parameter. I have a main SQL Query wich that get some trainees and from this main query I need to sum information on hour for each trainee. To do this I have create a second Input Table that take in parameter the id of the trainee and I am be able to get my sum measures. The problem come after when I try to get these datas with a Select values step. Here some screenshots that might be help.

    Thanks in advance,

    ps :
    - Good Job for the Pentaho Data Integration Application, it's extremly useful.

    EDIT :
    - I'm using the 3.0.0.GA of kettle
    - I have put my ktr file
    - When I right click on the MEASURE input table to show ouput fields also fail => it can't get the field from the request
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    Cool Using Parameters for SQL-Queries with different connections

    The example down there describes the problem that I also have.

    I need to save a parameter (date-value) which I get from a database A.
    With this information I want to get values from a database B.

    Let´s say the date-value is called last_change_date in database A.
    With this last_change_date I want to query in database B for example:

    Select *
    from person
    where person.change_date >= ${last_change_date}

    Sounds very easy and should work with parameters in two transformations.
    The first transformation to get the parameter ${last_change_date} set and the second to use the parameter in the input-table-step with the select as described.

    I made it to transfer the information to the second transformation, but the the output of the input-table-step was no longer right since the parameter is not found. This is not really satisfying...

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    Remove the semi-colon (;) from the query.

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    Sounds very easy and should work with parameters in two transformations
    Simply use question marks ? as placeholders for the input parameters.

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