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Thread: Frustrated need help

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    Default Frustrated need help

    I have project to automate some basic reporting auto-print/ auto-email about 10 reports. At my previous employer I used Crystal Reports for this. I don’t have that option at my current employer.

    I ended up here because the Pentaho report engine looked adequate for what I needed ( I have created a few reports with report designer 1.6). And there was supposed to be a workflow.

    This is where the frustration started. I am completely clueless on java programming. If I had just one good example from start to finish on how to created a report and automate printing and emailing I would be happy, I could figure the rest out myself. But so far I have found the documentation very lacking. It seems like the documentation is geared toward experience java people.

    After reading post I wondering if I should give up on Pentaho and start from scratch with something else.

    A couple of suggestions.

    1.Please post some how to for people like myself who have no background with java whatsoever.

    2.If workflow is not a key part of Pentaho please take it off of all your web sites. Maybe I am blind but I just cannot find it in the Pentaho BI that I downloaded.

    I’m not trying to start a ruckus or anything I just wanted to state when I am coming from and what I would like to see from Pentaho. Judging from the many unanswered post on this subject I think there are many more like me out there.


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    Hi Jeff,

    from what I can gather the Workflow issue has been on halt due to a lack of community interest.

    But the Action Sequences, Pentaho's core objects at the BI server level, are little processes themselves and are able to handle simple workflows such as e-mailing reports etc.

    If you have not done it, yet, downlod the Pentaho Demo BI Server to run and the Design Studio to develop Action Sequences. In the samples that come with the demo server there is at least one example on how to burst (email) reports.

    Also have a look at the WIKI for documentation and getting you started.


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