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Thread: mondrian.trace.level: values

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    Default mondrian.trace.level: values

    Can anyone advise what value should I give mondrian.trace.level so that it shows how many rows mondrian sql's generate?

    I read a thread in this forum which specified that mondrian.trace.level=1 would give me this, but I am getting the entire query without the # of rows generated.

    Thanks... DMurray3

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    mondrian.trace.level=1 should be sufficient. What version are you running? We only introduced row counts a couple of releases ago.


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    Default mondrian.trace.level

    Thanks Julian.... I am using PCI no wonder I can't get the row numbers of the sql statements....

    In any case, my post had to with another one I posted regarding Star Schema vs a Single Fact Table containing all dimensions.... I'd very much appeciate if you could reply to...

    Thanks again for your help... DMurray3

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