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Thread: how to connect to database MySQL

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    Angry how to connect to database MySQL

    Hi, I'm really new to Pentaho and I started to see it a few weeks ago.

    I had a lot of troubles in connecting my MySQL database by JNDI.

    I tried to insert all the required info:
    - name: connectMySQL
    - connection url: jdbc:mysql://localhost/PentahoDB
    - driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    - username: root
    - psw: <my password of MySQL user>

    both MySQL and Pentaho are on the same machine;
    PentahoDB is the name of DB which I want to get data from.

    The exact message error when I hit the "Test" button of the connection is "The message returned was socket creation error"

    I really don't understand the problem.

    The major point is that with the same configuration I have already connect this database to Spoon, so the problem is not in the database...

    Please, help ME!!!!!

    thank u very much

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    i am also having this issue

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    not to state the obvious but do check to see if mysql is actually running, and connecting by the mysql client software actually works. And if they both work check out
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    If you are sure that your mysql is running, and it is running at 3306 port, it is very weird to have a socket problem, you could also try to put , or your eth0 or lan IP instead of localhost, and it could be very interesting to check if your mysql configuration file (my.cnf) do not have the option "skip networking" uncommented (without a # at de beggining of the line) or in later releases the option networks without your lan network.

    hope it helps


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