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Thread: Repository Issue & Suggestions

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    Default Repository Issue & Suggestions

    I'm having a problem with repositories in 2.5.2. My setup consists of 3 repositories- development, staging, and production. I am having difficulty coming up with a reliable procedure for pushing jobs & transformations from one repository to another.

    I tried using export to XML, import from XML. Problem here is it seems the export doesn't export everything. For javascript transformation steps, the javascript gets lost. For FTP/SFTP job steps, the passwords get lost. So that doesn't seem to work.

    I then tried the following. From the Development repository, open the jobs/transforms I wish to migrate to Staging. While spoon and the files are still open, connect to the Staging repository. Then just save the already opened jobs & transformations. This seems to work fine for transformations, but Jobs don't get saved. I also tried this process but deleted the job in the Staging repository, then save the opened Job. Same thing, does not get saved to the staging repository.

    So, I'm pretty much left with using the second procedure for transformations, the first for jobs and then edit the job to make sure anything that got lost in the export gets repaired. Certainly less than ideal. Is there any other option?

    In a general sense, I'd like to see some improvements to the repository. Make it a one step process to migrate stuff from one repository to another- i.e. you go into a screen, specify which jobs you wish to migrate and it will automatically figure out what dependencies that job has (other jobs and transformations) and migrate them as well.

    I'd also like to see revision control in the repository, or perhaps some kind of plug-in to existing source control systems (Subversion being my preference, but make it modular enough to allow for others).

    Also, the addition of "global variables" would be nice. I currently use the repository database connections to manage what database gets used in what repository, but would like to see something similar that could be used for things like FTP servers, email servers, even things like flags so that I could get PDI to not send emails when run from the development repository, but send them in the live environment.

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    Please Dave, as good and valid these suggestions are, they will probably wither away and die if they are not captured in a structural way.
    It never stops to amaze me that you struggle with these things, spend time on it and even write a detailed account of it on our forum, but that you don't file a bug report.

    Please file bug reports and feature requests over here:

    Thanks a million!


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    Heh, yeah that would be my next step, unfortunately I'd like a solution to my repository migration issues now. And a lot of times I don't particularly have the time to spend on an issue, isolating it, creating simple sample cases, etc.

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