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Thread: Problem trying to perform date range MDX where clause

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    Default Problem trying to perform date range MDX where clause

    Ideally, I'd like to prompt the user for a start and end date and then restrict the resulting pivot to just that range.

    I'm working with the attached schema and so far I've been trying the following query with hard-coded dates:
    with member [Local Date.YD].[DateRange] as 'Aggregate(([Local Date.YD].[All].[2007].[2007-11-28] : [Local Date.YD].[All].[2007].[2007-12-01]))'
    select NON EMPTY Hierarchize({[Profile].[All Profiles]}) ON COLUMNS,
      NON EMPTY Crossjoin({[Measures].[Count Requests], [Measures].[Distinct Visitors]}, {[Context.Method-Appcontext Hierarchy].[All].[xxx].[yyy]}) ON ROWS
    from [Method Calls]
    where [Local Date.YD].[DateRange]
    After precaching, there are two queries executed to get my results. The one for the count measure seems okay. it has the following in it's raw SQL where clause:
    `f_method_calls`.`local_date_pk` = `d_date`.`date_pk` and `d_date`.`date` in ('2007-11-28', '2007-11-29', '2007-11-30', '2007-12-01', '2007-12-02') and ...
    but the query for the distinct count measure is weird:
    `f_method_calls`.`local_date_pk` = `d_date`.`date_pk` and (`d_date`.`date` in ('2007-11-28', '2007-11-29') and `d_date`.`date` = '2007-11-30' and `d_date`.`date` = '2007-12-01' and `d_date`.`date` = '2007-12-02')]
    This conflicting criteria is causing my distinct count measure to always show 0.
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    That sounds like a bug. As you surmised, most of those ANDs in the last query should be ORs. Can you log it at please? If you can provide a testcase against the FoodMart schema, that would be even better.


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