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Thread: Row Normailser - Strange behavior

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    Default Row Normailser - Strange behavior

    Good evening....

    I have a strange Issue going on with Kettle 3.0

    Row Normailzer.

    I ahve been using 2.4,2.52,3.0. All three use the same transformation with completely different results....

    For this discussion 3.0 is the closest fit.

    I make use of 3 table input that all point to a row normalizer. All three queries are identical and the only difference is the database connection.

    After the normalizer, I added a text output to see the details for debugging. I will really make use of table output later.

    What I see is strange. One of the columns on the input 'kpi_name' gets renamed to a new column 'kpi_name_1' and kpi_name_2' all by itself.

    The column 'kpi_name' exists in the original table. This was not a problem on 2.5 and 2.4. Strange.

    Any insight would be helpful.


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    You can't have the same column name in a row, so any column which is named the same as another will be automatically renamed.


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