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Thread: Get Object Kettle row from database!

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    Default Get Object Kettle row from database!

    Hellow all!
    Before PDI 3, i get Row from kettle datasourece for table log

    ResultSet resultSet = databaseLog.openQuery("SELECT * FROM "+jobMeta.getLogTable()+" WHERE JOBNAME = ? ORDER BY ID_JOB desc", params)
    Row row = databaseLog.getRow(resultSet); - IS ERROR!!!!
    Object [] row = databaseLog.getRow(resultSet); - IS TRUE in PDI 3.0

    jStore.setLRead(new Long(row.getString("LINES_READ", ""))); - is Error :-(
    Where is JavaDoc? Help!!

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    The Object[] contains the actual values so you don't have to do getString() anymore. If you don't know the type or order of a value you can normally go over the ValueMetaInterface, but if you call openQuery yourself that may not be available.


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