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Thread: Pivot View - Problem to set chart characteristics

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    Default Pivot View - Problem to set chart characteristics

    I am using an Pivot View xaction against a cube I have built, but after tweaking the xaction file I can't get the PCI to refresh and use the new xaction file. This even after going into the "Admin" and refreshing the Solution Repository (I have tried Shift+Solution...). Further, I included a "purge_mondrian_data_cache" component, and still no luck.

    I am using the PCI V1.2.0 build 534 GA.

    I enclose my xaction file in case the problem is there (and not a problem with the refreshment). I am tweaking the xaction file to modify the chart: eliminate the "slicer", add a charttitle and chart vertical axis lable, but can't seem to get this correct.

    I'd appreciate any help that may be provided.... DMurray3
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    I was able to get your sample to display in the platform.

    I made a couple of small edits but didn't try the xaction before I made them so I don't know if they were your problem. I am using the dbbased pci and after putting the xaction in the proper location (You are putting it in a solution and not in the root of the solution directory right? xactions in the root of the solution folder won't display. I would suggest putting it in the same directory as an xaction that is displaying). Attached is the version of the xaction that worked for me.
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    Thanks a bundle.. I'll try your adjusted version (please advise where you edited... that would really help me).

    The xaction file is in one of my folders in the "solutions" folder where I have other xaction files working. My solution directory reads something like:


    I am using PCI

    Again, many thanks for your prompt reply... DMurray

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