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Thread: Losing lookup values in data stream.

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    Question Losing lookup values in data stream.

    The attached transformation is attempting to load a type2 slowly changing dimension by selecting data from a table and then performing 3 required lookups to prepare data for insert. For some reason, I am not able to get the return value from the third lookup step, “Lookup course_id “. Changing the order of the look up did not make a difference. The value return from the lookup actually has the same name as the column on the target table. As a result of trying multiple options the attached transformation is trying to explicitly create an element with the same name in the following “select values” step.

    Please review the attached transformation and detail error log file to see where I am going wrong.


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    Couldn't execute SQL: insert into section_dim(section_id, row_version) values (1, 1)
    Field 'course_id' doesn't have a default value
    Specifically, in this case it means that you didn't make the 'course_id' field an auto insert field in the target dimension table.
    Define the column like this:

    ... and all will be fine. Either that or don't select the "use auto increment" option. (duh)

    Please note that I'm repeating myself here.


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    course_id is actually the key of a snow_flake reference table. The auto_increment primary key of the target table that I am trying to load is section_id.

    Course_id is the primary key of the related course_dim table.

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