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Thread: Should I give back to community changes made to Pentaho SDK?

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    Question Should I give back to community changes made to Pentaho SDK?

    I've changed a BIRT .java file inside Pentaho SDK 1.2 GA. The change has been regarding the way BIRT generates XML files dinamically. Attending to Mozilla Public License, I understand I should take this little change back to community.

    But how? Where to upload the change? Or maybe only need to mention in the copy of the license that I've modified that class?

    I only distribute customized "pentaho-demo" directory to customer, that is, the running application where I've deployed Pentaho SDK with that change and my custom .java files.

    I would really appreciate any help on this license related issue.

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    Contact He is our community representative. He'll be able to point you in the right direction.


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    I’m always happy to hear from people who have been successful with Pentaho.

    It sounds like you are in compliance with the MPL. You have two options for the modified .java file; you can make the source publicly available yourself or contribute it back to Pentaho. We prefer the contribute it back part since it helps make the product better for everyone and you don’t have to keep track of changes as new versions come out.

    To submit code, please use our JIRA issue tracking system:

    If you do not have an account it will let you create one.
    After logging in:
    click “Create New Issue”
    Project: “Pentaho BI Server”
    Issue type: “Improvement”
    click “next”
    Fill out the form as much as you can
    click “create”
    After the case has been created, you can attach the files that have been changed. Click “Attach File” under “Operations” on the left side

    You can attach the modified java source file(s) or attach a patch file which can be generated using Eclipse.


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