We've let version 3.0.1 fly, it's available on sourceforge for download:

--> Well done..A BIG job was done :-)

At the same time I flagged trunk to be 3.1.0 and we can slap some new things
in there if we would like to do so (and I guess we always do).

--> Great..will start to put some usefull things..

New things we'll be doing are:
- remote monitoring
- remote management: stopping, starting, pause/resume, inspect
- performance management / monitoring / alerting
- scheduling in Carte as well

--> All in the next release ??? Seems very very good.

For 2008 we also have plenty of other things on the agenda such as:
- Open source profiling architecture (discovery, data and relationship)
- UI reviews, shared objects, simplifying the database dialog, etc.
- ...

--> VIVE 2008

thanks for all


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