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Thread: Unknown Encoded Character get appended at the end of file,being geenrated

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    Default Unknown Encoded Character get appended at the end of file,being geenrated

    I am geerating file from Dataabse table.I m taking input frm input variable step.Which is file name n its path.When I take them as some specific variable (nobreArchivo) then file gets some encoded character at the end of file.
    some thing like,þÿ
    But it happens just for the case of,one output of filtering row.

    I m getting very much case specific...So i m attaching my trasformation & file out put.
    The problm is,when i give hard coded path n name of file it does not have that encoded character(for file end).But if i give some variable as file name..then it is giving.HOw to deal with this ?
    Give input as:
    rutaArchivo : c:\

    2 files will be generated,where only file1 kedarBBVA.txt has problem not the other file KedarBanorate.txt will have it.

    (windows machine)
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    No obvious except maybe check the variable for unprintable characters.

    Try to make it into something we can run. E.g. output your data to file and in your transformation replacing table input, by file input e.g


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