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Thread: Formatting characters in file output

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    Default Formatting characters in file output

    In the File ouput step,
    I m having some field as String,which is 10 characters in length.
    For an instance it gets value
    But I want formatting like it sholud be,
    ' 1'

    Like all remaing characters should be repalced by white space,into right..

    What to choose in "format" tab of it?

    is not working.

    Plz guide me..
    Regards, ,
    Tata consultancies Ltd

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    Lol ... some people want black, some people want white. Your one of the exceptions that wants a space before positive integers

    Removing the format altogether should do the trick.


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    Default Ellaborate more

    I want white!! The colour of Peace!!

    Actually,Plz dont bother abouth the data,it can have '1' or 'c1' or 'cc' short it is some Character .Treat the 1 as character n padd white space with right aligned data.

    I cudnt get u,Shall i remove all format?how it will help?!!

    Plz put some light on that..
    Regards, ,
    Tata consultancies Ltd

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