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    Hi PDI forum,

    I have to read one or more CSV files in a directory using wildcards, to load data into a DB . In the meanwhile, the transformation writes a data backup and a LOG file.

    After this, I must delete the files, but I don't know exactly their names, because of the wildcards.

    I must schedule this every 12 hours, so I've made a Job with 3 steps:
    - Start
    - Lauch the Transformation
    - Delete the files

    But the 'Delete file' Job entry needs the exact file name, and here wildcards don't work.

    How may I delete in the last step of the job the same files I defined in the Text File Input step of the Transformation by using wildcards?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    Hi Andrea,

    Which version of PDI are you using?


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    I'm using the 2.5.1.


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    In 2.5.1 , the best way to solve your pb is to use a shell job entry with CMD like
    DEL %1 (please see picture).

    I attached a sample.

    If you want to use delete file job entry, you need to create a sub job in order to
    deal with one file at a time (create variable & use it in delete file job entry).

    Anyway, why not upgrading to 2.5.2 : a lot of bugs were solved and you will find
    a delete files job entry that will allow you to use wildcard.

    Take care

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