I just want to sshare my plan in the coming weeks :-)

The job already done :
- Create folder job entry (like title said)
- Folder is empty (Check if a folder is empty. Allow also to check specified files only -wildcard)
- Delete result files name job entry
- Add files name to result job entry
- Files Exist job entry (Allow to check if a ist of files exist)
- Folders compare job entry

To do : plugins
- Create RSS Input step plugin (from 2.5.x)
- Create RSS Output step plugin (from 2.5.x)
- Create LDIF Input step plugin (from 2.5.x)
- Create LDIF Output step plugin
- Create SalesForce Input step plugin (from 2.5.x)
- Create SalesForce Output step plugin
- Create Amazone S3 job entry plugin
- Create SQL Output step plugin (from 2.5.2 codebase)

To do : steps
- Create XSL Tranform step (from 2.5.2)
- Create XSD validation step (from 2.5.2)
- Create LDAP Output step
- Create get XML Data Step (from 2.5.x plugin) --> Many people ask for this one, i think that we better put it in the codebase

I will of course continue to help for translation effort and bug fixes.

If you want to vote for some steps, please let me know, i will take into account your remarks.



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