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Thread: Unzip job invocation

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    Default Unzip job invocation

    I am looking for the most efficient way to unzip a group of files with Unzip Job,
    It seems that it takes only one filename as parameter.
    How should I use it to process many files (e.g. using wildcards).
    Best regards

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    Hi Nara,

    At this time, the only way is to use 2 jobS:

    Start --> Job A --> Job B

    In job B : check "Copy previous result to arg?" and "Execute for every input row?"

    Job A:

    Start --> Trans A

    Trans A = Getfilesname --> send rows to result

    Job B:

    Start --> Trans B --> Unzip

    with Trans B = Get rows from result --> create variable var

    In Unzip files job entry, use variable var in Zip file name

    You can also post a CRQ (Good idea).



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    Thanks, Samatar.
    This way works.

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