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Thread: How about a workbook? - Request

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    Default How about a workbook? - Request

    I have several jobs to be ran in a few servers and databases. They are practically the same but the server, database name, user and passwords change.

    I have been trying to use kettle properties and the Set Variables step but they do not seem to work for connections. Even if it worked, the current way to handle environment variables is quite cumbersome and very unfriendly for interactive development.

    I think PDI should add a "workbook" concept to the current transformations and jobs entities. If one could bundle several jobs and transformations in a workbook and have all of them share a set of properties then setting up the environment for PDI will be much easier. If the IDE could also recognize a workbook , then it would be much easier to work with the several jobs and transformation files which are needed to actually perform a task. Just opening the workbook would show the files involved in a solution (just like worksheets in a workbook).

    The way I envision it, there would be a parent folder with the workbooks and several child folders with the jobs and transformations shared by the workbooks. Thus, relative paths to the jobs and transformations would be great in order to be able to just copy the folder structure from one machine to the other.

    Just my 2 cents...

    Happy Holidays !


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    Personally I'm more for K.I.S.S.

    But you can raise a JIRA for it if you want to of course.

    By the way ... variables do work in connections (not as connection name, but it does for the rest of the fields), you just have to know the limitations of set variables.


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