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Thread: SQL loop into single report

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    Default SQL loop into single report

    Hi all gurus,

    I need to loop over a result set that returns data into a single report.

    The reason I can't use a single sql statement is that the sql must be parameterized before executing. The parameter is a Day name (part of a field name Stop_{DAY_NAME}.

    The way it is now, seems to only return the last iteration's data to the report not all of the data.

    Can anyone help. Please?

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    Default Try a javascript

    It sounds like you need to iterate over one result-set to generate multiple result-sets and then aggregate those result-sets into one final result-set for your report. If that is the case I would try a javascript and insert each row per iteration. You would need to pass in the first result set into your javascript. I don't think you can use the loop component in this scenario unless it is a very small(one to two rows of data) report. Good Luck !!
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