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Thread: cannot get BIRT report to work - help

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    Default cannot get BIRT report to work - help

    I have read the document on integrating BIRT on the pentaho wiki. I followed through the steps and maybe I'm not as technical a guy but I couldn't get it to work. I even placed the ODBC/JDBC driver I use under the two different directories stated in the wiki article.

    Here's what I have/did:

    (1) a birt report called test.rptdesign which I dropped into the /samples/reporting/ folder

    (2) go into design studio and create an Xaction file called test.xaction

    (3) under inputs I have nothing (test.rptdesign is a simple report, needs no parameters)

    (4)under resources:

    name: report-definition
    location: test.rptdesign
    source type: solution-file
    mimi type: text/plain

    (5) under process actions:

    I added BIRT from Report -> Other -> BIRT
    filled in:

    name: BIRT report
    report definition test.rptdesign
    output format: html

    (6) saved the test.xaction under the same folder i dropped off the test.rptdesign which is samples/reporting/

    Still can't view the birt report.

    Please HELP!

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    What Pentaho and BIRT versions are you using?
    Do you get any error message?
    Can you post your BIRT .rptdesign and .xaction files?

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    I am also having the same problem. The server says
    1.) ( line = 0, tag = null)
    xception (code = Error.DesignParserException.UNSUPPORTED_VERSION, message : The
    report file of version "3.2.7" is not supported.).

    What versions does Pentaho support?????

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    Support for recent BIRT releases has been added after the release of Pentaho 1.6
    You can test your report with a recent build from



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