I am using Pentaho 1.6 on Windows 2000 with Oracle 10g. For a particular report I need to show some values per month stacked on top of each other. This worked great for me but now there is a new need. Up to now the bars are vertical and by stacking individual values on the bar they are of different heights. What I need is to stretch all the bars so that the individual parts are a percentage of each bar total so that all the bars are the same height (1 or 100). I believe that Excel calls this a 100% stacked bar chart. Is it possible to do this at the moment and if so, what is the xml tag to use?

As a workaround I am investigating a query making the database divide each value to be stacked by the total of all the values for that bar whcich would essentially give me the percentage I need. However, this is not a very high performance query.