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Thread: Cube Design with SQLServer....

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    Default Cube Design with SQLServer....

    Hello, ...

    I am trying to access the Cube Design 7.0.2 by SQLServer 2000, but I can not. Show me success in connecting the screen 01 of the Cube Schema, but when the tables progress does not appear to choose.

    We tried with two driver, the jtds and the microsoft .... Both works perfectly in the Design Report and Design Studio, but in the Cube Design does not work.

    Is it a bug, that the screen 02 of the Cube Schema opens normally, but the tables not? My bank has several tables, with multiple links and join.

    Someone has already gone through this with the SQLServer?
    The Cube Design is still beta? I think it has other bugs.

    With MySQL works!



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    It seems odd that it would work with MySQL but not MSSQL; What version of Java are you using? I found that using 1.6 would result in an apparent emtpy table list, but using version 1.5 works fine.

    I don't know if this will make a difference, but can I ask what connect string you're using?

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