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Thread: currency symbol trouble

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    Default currency symbol trouble

    Hi guys,

    we are busy configuring the adhoc reporting tool for our needs. One of the things we need to change is the currency symbol. The default symbol is set to $, and as far as I can judge, the currency formatting strings are defined in adhoc/js/ui/messages/nls/message_strings.js.
    When I edit this file to show a £ (pound-sign) instead of the $ (dolllar-sign), then it is displayed in the adhoc reporter as � (dark square on point with question mark inside). Somewhere else somebody suggested using the international currency symbol (\u00A4), which shows up OK in the adhoc reporting tool, but the report still shows the �.
    I suspect this is a codepage setting somewhere, but my greps reveal that the string "codepage" is only found in some jar files (i.e. hardcoded).
    We don't want to use "GBP". Is there any other way to set the currency symbol? What about the Euro symbol ?


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    I have identified a class of defects in the platform code that is causing the problem you are seeing. I have logged the defect in our JIRA system. Following are the URLs for the defects:

    Please use JIRA to track the progress of this defect-fix.

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    Default Possibly the best solution

    Probably the best solution is to set your format string for your currency columns in the metadata associated with your data model.

    To learn how to modify the format string in your metadata, read this wiki page:
    and look for this text: "configure the format string"

    I am hoping you are already familiar with using the Metadata Editor. If not, the wiki has a fair amount of information on using this tool.

    Keep in mind that after modifying the metadata, you'll need to export it to the appropriate metadata.xmi file, and you'll need to go to the PCI's admin page (usually http://localhost:8080/pentaho/Admin) and click on "Reporting Metadata" to refresh the metadata.

    In the Adhoc Reporting interface, on page 3 of the wizard, you'll want to select your currency columns in the details list, and using the Numeric Format list, select "default". By selecting default, you are telling the report generator to use the metadata for your format string.

    Using this solution, you could have numeric columns in your data model that represent Japenese Yen, British Pound, and US Dollars. By assigning the correct format string for the appropriate columns, your report can display the appropriate symbos for each of these currencies side by side in the same report.

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    The defects in post #2 above have been fixed.

    If you would like to localize the currency formatting string on page 3 of Adhoc Reporting for your locale, see:

    and modify these strings:


    Multi-byte characters, like the Euro symbol, Fench Fancs, British Pound, etc. will now work properly.

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