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Thread: Job could not be loaded

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    Default Job could not be loaded


    I'm trying to run a job file from command line.
    When i run it (from command) from my local workstation where i've installed Spoon GUI it works fine. When I run it from another workstation where Spoon Gui is not installed I'm getting the following error:
    INFO 21-12 10:58:05,241 (LogWriter.javarintln:403) -StepLoader - Looking for plugins in directory: plugins\steps
    INFO 21-12 10:58:05,241 (LogWriter.javarintln:403) -StepLoader - Plugin directory not found: [.\.kettle\plugins\steps]
    INFO 21-12 10:58:05,241 (LogWriter.javarintln:403) -org.pentaho.di.core.util.ResolverUtil@c943d1 - Scanning for classes in [file:/C:/programs/Finaware/lib
    ublic_domain/kettle/lib/kettle-engine-3.0.jar] matching criteria: [Lorg.pentaho.di.core.util.ResolverUtil$Test;@18352d8
    2007/12/21 10:58:05:569 CET [INFO] DefaultFileReplicator - Using "C:\DOKUME~1\jbe\LOKALE~1\Temp\vfs_cache" as temporary files store.
    ERROR: Kitchen can't continue because the job couldn't be loaded.

    Is there a way to have more information about the error.

    Best regards,

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    Install spoon on the one server as well, and run it once. some directories will be created which PDI needs. Try e.g. copying your .kettle directory from 1 system to the other.

    Maybe also raise a JIRA for it.


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