i am using the extended dtd 0.8.5 Version.
I have updated our Jfree version from 0.8.4 to
Now there are some Problems.

That is one of my elements:

<element type="text/plain">
<basic-key name="font">Arial</basic-key>
<basic-key name="font-size">10</basic-key>
<compound-key name="absolute_pos">
<basic-object name="x">350.0</basic-object>
<basic-object name="y">0.0</basic-object>
<compound-key name="min-size">
<basic-object name="height">15.0</basic-object>
<basic-object name="width">300.0</basic-object>
<template references="string-field">
<basic-object name="field">infotext</basic-object>
<basic-object name="nullValue">-</basic-object>

I created an pdf file. The "infotext" field is filled with "Long Infotext".

If i open the created pdf file i only can see "Long ...".
In the old Jfree Version the text ist cutted later--> Long Infot...!

How can i activate the old function or how can i show more of the text??

Thanks for help.