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Thread: Please help with setting up a Normaliser transformation

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    Question Please help with setting up a Normaliser transformation

    Please take a look at my attached transformation to help me understand what I am doing wrong in setting up a Row Normalisertransformation.

    I am using a query to select the source data in the format below:

    | source_rubric_id | source_element_id | standards |
    | 1 | 2 | AR-T.5 ,ATT-E5,AT.5 |
    | 1 | 3 | IL.1,IL.1.A |

    The standards element has to be split into separate rows. The attached transformation uses Javascript to parse the standards by “,” followed by a normaliser step to create new rows for each parsed values.

    Till this point, I am having trouble getting pass an exception which is indicating to me that I have it set up incorrectly.

    Please take a look to see if you can identify what I have done wrong.

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    Default Updated the attached transformation and log file

    I continued to try to get the normaliser to work; but with no success. My latest efforts are attached.
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    - Make a copy of your job, remove everything after Java Script value and add a text output behind it. Run the job again. (possibly anonymyze the data a bit)
    - Then remove also the first 2 steps and replace them with a text input file using the input file of step 1.
    - Reduce the input file until you get just enough data to show the problem.

    - Attach input file and changed transformation.

    We need something we can test without using databases.


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    I attached a modified transformation that references the attached input text file.

    Ideally I would like to do away with the limit of 10 normalized rows and have a way to dynamically add the number of rows based on the number of strings split from the “Standards” element. There is a possibility of there being more that 10 associated values. My plan with the current approach is to delete the rows that are inserted with values of “NOSTANADARD”.

    I welcome all better recommendations.
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    Default I used a JavaScript instead of the Row Normalizer

    I was able to dynamically create new rows via JavaScript. FYI see the attached transformation.

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