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Thread: How to drill through

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    Default How to drill through

    Hi everyone,
    I've 2 questions:

    1. Is it possible to drill through in JPivot table if cube has dimensions with parent-child hierarchies?
    I'm getting an empty table with no errors.

    2. If 1. is possible, can I do drill through with Name Expression defined for Level in parent-child hierarchies?
    I'm getting some MySQL errors if using Name Expressions.
    Everything work fine except that!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Explanation

    Just to notice, drill through is working fine for leaf nodes, but at upper levels I'm getting an empty result set(for parent-child hierarchies)
    I'm using closure tables, but it's same with or without them.

    Where can I find explanation of Name Expression usage?
    Nothing about that here
    Problem is because I've a few dimensions with same cdata for Name Expressions, for example concat(fname, sname), so when drill through I'm getting an exception:

    Column 'fname' in field list is ambiguous.

    I suppose, I should use some table alias, I've tried, but no success.

    Please help!

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    I'm getting the same behavior too. Empty set on drill through.

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