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Thread: OutofMemory Error

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    Default OutofMemory Error

    I am using Pentaho with Mondrian and JPivot to design reports for a customer with 3 million transactions over 46,000 distinct customers. I have 8 dimensions and 3 measures in this report. When attempting to list all the customers on the rows and display the measures assigned to them I get a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error. The customer name is a 40 character string. If I use the cutomer id, which is an integer of length 5, it works eventually. Any help to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. I have already tried allocating more memory space to JAVA and it still errors out.
    I am running on a brand new Dell server with two quad-core Xenon processors and 4 GB of RAM and 3 TB of disk space. Thus, I do not believe it is a hardware issue.


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    JPivot doesn't do well when rendering large results, and 46,000 rows is a huge web page for JPivot to generate. I'm guessing you don't actually want to display this as a web page, so consider using a different tool for rendering the result. If this is a batch report, frankly I'd write a 20 line java program to generate an HTML table.


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    Default Error memory and black background

    I also am with the same problem of memory. The JPivot can not be used for large amounts of data? But he is not rendering OLAP? How to solve this.

    Where there are errors of memory, is another very strange. Opening up the nodes of the table, the page is not loaded at all. The table appears cut and black background. What's happening? With few amounts of data that does not happen.


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    What i think is that a so large report is often useless for final users.
    I saw once that u can set a timer that will kill the query if it reaches that limit.
    just a suggestion though.

    Best regards,

    Israel Guerra

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    While I tend to agree that such a large report is generally useless, it was a specific customer request. My way around it was to default to showing only the total rows and allowing the customer to drill down to the more detailed results. The only way I found to actually display all the information was to purchase more RAM. The system now has 8 GB of RAM with 2 quad-core Xenon processors and it still takes about 45 mins to load this data.
    Hopefully JPivot will solve its memory problems in the next release and be able to handle large data sets more elegantly. Does anyone know when the next release of Pentaho BI Suite is coming?

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