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Thread: Pentaho 3.0.1 on RHEL

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    Default Pentaho 3.0.1 on RHEL

    2.5.2 has been running fine on RHEL 4. I just installed 3.01 and get an error on an attempt to start spoon.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

    [xxxx@prdpentbi01 kettle.3.0.1]$ ./
    find: ./libswt/x86/: No such file or directory
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: /org/eclipse/swt/widgets/Composite

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    - What's your version of JDK (show us a java -version)
    - Did you properly unpack the whole 3.0.1 file.... meaning is the latest version of available and do you have a libswt/linux/x86 directory under the home directory of the kettle installation.

    - Is the v3.0.1 first in the PATH

    At first sight it looks to me like your using the old version of either wrongly unpacked or a PATH problem


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    I had the same problem, but I found the following on a Centos Forum: "When changing the version of Java you must create symlinks in the /usr/bin directory. Use the current symlinks as templates. You must also update the file /etc/profile.d/ with the new java directory."
    So make sure that if you update your version of java that you update the symlinks or the OS only sees the older version of the java runtime.

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