Dear Kettle developers,

I just checked the latest commits after my vacation (BTW: great what
happened) and want to make sure everyone follows especially these rules
when committing:

- To keep track of the changes and to follow the software development
process you HAVE to add a Jira PDI-xx number to your commit. There are
only exceptions when this is like a cosmetic change or fix of a spelling
mistake. This helps also other Kettle users not involved in the
development process to keep track of the changes.

- Always comment your commit. The best is to add the PDI-xx number from
the bug / feature tracker and a short description (thus you have not to
search the description from the PDI-xx number). See the other developers
commits as examples.

Other development guidelines (initial created by Sven) can be found here:
and more here:

Thanks a lot for the great work to everyone!

Have a happy new year,

Jens Bleuel

The Open Source Business Intelligence Company
Citadel International, Suite 340, 5950 Hazeltine National Dr., Orlando,
FL 32822, USA

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