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Thread: Merge Join step question

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    Default Merge Join step question

    Attached to the message you can see the hardscreen of a simple Kettle trasf.

    I need to join two excel file with the exact same structure into a new one that is the append sum of the record of two source table.
    It's really easy thing but when I get the output file I found 2 times the same structure duplicated instead one .
    What I need is a new sheet with the same structure but with all the record coming from the two source sheets.

    What is wrong ?

    Can anyone suggest me the trick ?

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    If you just want to get the data of both tables with the same layout to the same target why use merge join.

    1) don't use merge join and directly attach the hops coming from table input where you want to have them. The order of the rows at the target is undefined

    2) don't use merge join, let the table inputs flow into a single dummy step and continue from there to the target. Very similar to 1), some people report that this would be faster than 1) because of the extra buffer.

    3) Use append step. This way you can first get the rows of one table input, and then the rows of the other table input.


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