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Thread: SavePDF() isn't a PDFSaveDialog method?

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    Default SavePDF() isn't a PDFSaveDialog method?

    I'm sorry if this topic had been posted before.. I did check and found a quite similar thread about PDFSaveDialog... but it doesn't clear my confusion...

    Okay this will sound very basic...but I am new to Java and JFreeReport, so forgive me..

    I read everywhere that PDFSaveDialog.savePDF() is the main method to call the dialog. But I dont see savePDF in PDFSaveDialog method list. All I want to do is just displaying a save dialog and enable user to save as pdf that's all...

    Somebody help me please


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    Well, if you just need a dialog panel to save the PDF file just make it yourself using Swing components.
    If you want to use all the properties displayed in the PDF save dialog used in Pentaho Reporting I think you will have to use PDFExportDialog class. I never used it alone but it should work.
    If you don't know how to directly save a report to a PDF file, check out PdfReportUtil class.
    You can also learn much from demo classes and if you are still lost, ask to the forum.
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