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Thread: Is it ineffecient to frequently prune fields using select steps?

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    DEinspanjer Guest

    Default Is it ineffecient to frequently prune fields using select steps?

    I'm just wondering if someone has tested this before or maybe just innately knows it.

    My file input step generates fifty or so fields. I have a long series of steps that treat fields or groups of fields. (e.g. concatenate two fields to get a date-time timestamp then convert that to UTC and local time.)

    Would it be very inefficient to have select steps that remove the processed fields immediately after the steps that process them? It would make the list of fields much cleaner from a development point further down in the chain, but it would also be tedious to revert if it were a big performance hit.

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    Try it and let us know

    I woudn't start removing data every other step, but if you halfway remove a lot of values it may save you some seconds ;-) ... probably also depends on the kind of data you remove and how many steps you have in your transformation, ...


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    The cheapest is always to leave the row of data the same as much as possible.
    For example, if you have 100 fields, adding one or 2 doesn't cost you a thing.
    However, re-ordering them and keeping 20 of those is expensive performance wise.



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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Thanks, that's exactly the sort of guidance I was hoping for.

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