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Thread: shared connections file

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    Default shared connections file


    i have a question about the usage of the shared connection file. In every KTR file, we use the shared connection file. We fill the field as shown below:


    When i use this the first time, the connections in the left pane, are bold. After saving, closing and reopening the Transformation, the connections aren't bold anymore. In the XML file, the connections also re appear.

    If i change something in the shared connection file, it doens't come back in the transformations. I have this behaviour with spoon 3.0.1 and also with 2.5.0.

    Can anyone help me with this? Much thanks in advance!


    Rob Smienk

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    It's a known problem:


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    thank you for your fast reply!

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    it was some time ago, but i'm again busy with using shared connections.
    Thanks to Sven i know now that internal variables cannot be used in shared connections. Now i use a variable i set in the file.

    Our shared connections file is now: ${ETL_src_dir}connections.kettle

    When i initially fill in the above in the shared connection line, it seems to work fine. After saving it seems that it is stored locally and the shared connections file isn't used anymore.

    I hope someone can help me with this. I work with kettle 3.0.2. It works fine with kettle 2.5.0.



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