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    is there any documentation about the metadata and it's features than the wiki and the outdated documentation found in the delivery package of the metadata editor?
    I think there is an urgent need to get more information about that topic, to make the metadata usable.
    The metadata and WAQR are a huge step ahed for pentaho, but it would be much easier with some more documentation.

    As an example, see the call

    Any help would be highly appreciated,
    kind regards and thanks for your help in advance,

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    Default Metadata documentation

    I am not aware of any other documentation for the metadata other than what is on the Wiki. However, I went to the wiki and did a search on "metadata", and it returned quite a few useful articles.

    Can you be more specific about the information you are looking for, but are unable to find?

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    Thanks for your reply. The wiki is a good source of information, but sometimes, things are hard to find (metadata is not listed in the reporting tree of the wiki, where it belongs to imho, I only found it using the serach function).
    I miss something like the overall picture - especially the interaction of waqr and metadata - I was relly surprised to hear in another thread that the only way to achieve the application of aggregate function in WAQR in SQL is to set the aggregation property in metadata for a column (a very strange concept imho).

    I know things are under development, but for people outside the pentaho company, it it difficult (and sometimes frustrating) to use some of the tools with this kind of documentation. Especially if you release a new and very interesting feature as metadata, more documentation would help your users to make best use of it.

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    Good feedback, thanks.

    I have created a JIRA report to identify the need for better user documentation around the issues you mention in your forum post (Adhoc Reporting, Metadata, aggregation functions, etc.) See:

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    Cross-posting this from a similar thread under Data Integration: there seems to be a Confluence setting that would let us export an entire topic tree to PDF, rather than page by page.

    Are the Pentaho wiki folks listening?!?

    That's "Confluence to PDF", documented here, and it looks like a single setting that the admin can set. It just took me an hour to save, compile, and print each topic in the Metadata Editor section -- but it looks like there's an easier way that's possible.

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    Default Change request logged in JIRA

    Good suggestion.

    I have logged this request to our support team in JIRA. See:

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