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Thread: Who is root, parent, grand-parent

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    Default Who is root, parent, grand-parent

    Hello Forum

    Max be we can start a discussion about the scope of Variables, because it is not clear for me, what is root, parent and grand-parent.

    You have to define variables in a transformation, but the scope of them are related to jobs.

    - variable v1 is defined as a parent-variable in Transformation t1
    - job j1 calls t1

    What dioes it mean. Is v1 now visible in j1 and in all jobs and/or transformations, who are called by j1

    May be somebody enlightens me and can give also some informations to root and grandpa.

    Greeting from Germany


    Every begin is difficult.

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    Hallo Werner,

    Some answers...

    • Since all steps in a transformation run in parallel, it is not possible to define and use a variable in the same transformation
    • typically you define variables at the beginning of a job in a transformation to re-use the variables in subsequent job entries. (transformations and jobs)
    • The parent of a transformation is always a job. As such, "Parent" refers to "Parent Job", the job that is executing the transformation.
    • In the unusual case you are using nested jobs, you can also set a variable in the Parent of the Parent Job, called the "Grand-parent Job".
    • If you are really using complex jobs with lots of nesting, you can also address the "Root" job. This is the top level job that you executed.
    • variables defined in a parent job are visible in all the job entries executed by that job, including sub-jobs and transformations

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