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Thread: Simple Setting of an variable

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    Default Simple Setting of an variable

    Hello Forum,

    The task is to collect information from several log-files and to store it, after control, transformation etc, in a warehouse.

    The basic path to the log files I would like to store in an Environmental Variable.

    I would like to do it at the beginning of the main job "DoAll" which calls the transformation "Create variables". The variable, let's say "PATH_TO_LOGS" should be visible all over the application.

    How can I do that?? Is the element "Set Variable" the right one? I cannot see that it is possible to assign a value direct to

    In a second step I would like to store the path in a text file. The goal is to be inpendent from the real script.
    Does Kettle support this, or do I have to make my own workaround for it?

    Greetings from Germany


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    I don't think Kettle variables are passed down to shell scripts, but I could be wrong.

    However, you can use the variables you define as arguments for your shell script.


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    In v3 they are passed down as real variables (to scripts)


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