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Thread: Variable in Filename

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    Default Variable in Filename

    I extract from filenames from a directory the follwing data:


    I send this data with copy rows to result in a job to a next transformation. The next transformation (attached problem.ktr) ist set to "execute for every input row" and "Clear list before executing". This works. I will now use this date value in the new filename. I have a set variables in transformation problem.ktr and this works if I look on my log.
    But it will write only 1 or 2 files and uses 1 value of this 4. It seems that the set variable is not used or ...

    I use Kettle 3.0.1.

    Can somebody give me a hint what I do wrong or give me a differnt solution?

    Many regards
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    What we are trying to do could not be properly that way.
    The first time you took your transformation is executed correctly and the values it into variables meeting but these variables are not available at this first performance yet what the name of your file would look like: "file_get_ $ () DAT. TXT ".
    The second time entering the execution session variable is updated but not yet available as the filename has the date of the race earlier.

    We first have to put up variables meeting before creating your files.

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