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Thread: Bug with Split Fields step, I need to patch but want feedback

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    DEinspanjer Guest

    Default Bug with Split Fields step, I need to patch but want feedback

    In the attached transformation, I attempt to split a field with the following value:

    On & into a new Integer field named bar relying on the ID "bar=" and removing the ID.

    The transformation fails on this because it sees the bar= of foobar= and thinks that is an acceptable match on the ID, and when it removes the ID, it leaves the foo part so the value it tries to parse into an int is "foo10".

    It does this because of this line in the code:
    114: if (pol[p]!=null && pol[p].indexOf(meta.getFieldID()[i])>=0) split=pol[p];

    If indexOf returns any value greater than 0 it succeeds. My first thought is that it should only match at the beginning of the split element, and this would fix my example, but the reason I'm writing this post instead of a simple bug with patch is that I figure it would also be good to handle the case of:
    Happy Value=2; Value=1;
    Split on ; with the ID "Value="

    The simple change of >=0 to ==0 would fail there because of the whitespace.

    So, how to fix that case? Do you need a checkbox to trim whitespace? Could I go with the easier patch of just arbitrarily trimming it in the ID lookup logic assuming that the user would never want the whitespace around?
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    Doing something "arbitrarily" doesn't feel right


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    DEinspanjer Guest


    Well, the thing is, I really can't think of a case where a user would legitimately need leading/trailing spaces in conjunction with ID based delimited fields. That plus the detractor of having yet another checkbox led me to contemplate the arbitrary action.

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    DEinspanjer Guest


    A patch and a mod plugin submitted in Jira:

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