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Thread: Deployment on WebSphere 5.1

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    Default Deployment on WebSphere 5.1

    I am new to Pentaho. I need step by step procedure to integrate Pentaho on WebSphere 5.1 urgently.

    Thanks in advance

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    Where you able to integrate Pentaho on Websphere, I'm also looking for this implemtation option.

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    I do not believe that WebSphere 5.1 will work without source code changes, as Pentaho uses Servlet 2.4 calls that are not supported until WebSphere 5.5 or 6.x. There are not very many of those calls in the servlet layer, so it's theoretically possible to root them out.

    On the newer versions of WebSphere, we are aware of people running Pentaho successfully; the primary blocker has been a BIRT jar file that's loaded into a system classloader by WebSphere, so removing BIRT from Pentaho (comment out in Pentaho.xml and remove the system/BIRT directory) seems to be a prerequisite.

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    Thank you very much for your response, that does help me on my way. How about any tips on building my Ant Task?, since the build files in Pentaho only come with other app servers.

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    I'm no WebSphere expert, but the folks who have gotten it to work have used a WebSphere specific deployment tool that generates some sort of command-line deployment call which is then embedded in an ant task. I would ensure that you're starting from the j2ee deployments Pentaho build as that's likely the closest to a deployable solution on WebSphere. You might also review some recently posted documentation on Glassfish deployment which probably has a high degree of overlap (from a tasks if not a syntax perspective) with WebSphere deployment.

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    This sounds extremely interesting, I'm no websphere expert myself, but this proyect with Pentaho has to be done with Websphere, any hints or tips to help me on my way searching for what I need would be GREATLY appreciated. As is the help that you have already given me... GREATLY appreciated.

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