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Thread: How to provide a query timeout and query cancellation feature for Pentaho Reprting

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    Default How to provide a query timeout and query cancellation feature for Pentaho Reprting


    I am using the Pentaho BI Suite configured for Oracle 10g and Apache Tomcat. I am also creating an interface that allows you to directly provide an SQL query and create and view a report (Instead of using the GUI). This interface would be very helpful for DBAs who know what queries to be run and do not want to use the wizard interface,

    Since they have very huge OLTP and OLAP databases, I believe, it would be halpful, if a feature of setting a query timeout were provided while making the xaction file. Also, in case he/she wants to perform a cancellation of the query execution, a way can be provided to allow him to do so.

    Please tell me if this is possible through some changes in the xaction file and also how can I do it programmatically.( I am a novice and have just started getting acquainted with Pentaho :-) )

    Thanks in advance.


    Arijit Chatterjee

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    Cool Agree

    I believe a Timeout on the reportEngine as parameter would be great since there are some reports that are Time taking but necesary and there are others that take too long and may over stop the hole server for no reason. Actually using the WAQR end users can execute long queryes with thousand of records by mistake by just missing a little filter... this can be fixed or solver with the TIMEOUT parameter from XActions / WAQR Designer, etc....

    Hope this helps to get the feature

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    0.8.10 ships with both a query-timeout (as long as the underlying JDBC driver actually supports it) and a max-rows-property to limit the number of rows returned by the driver.
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    Default Made code modifcations for including the timeout feature!!


    I have successfully made code modifications to Pentaho BI Server and Report Design Wizard source to run queries with timeout set as a tag in .xaction file and to create .xaction with the timeout value.

    The issues have been logged at:
    Thanks and Regards,

    Arijit Chatterjee,

    Software Engineer,
    Business Intelligence Competency Centre,
    Persistent Systems Ltd.,
    Pune, India.

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