We are using the standalone 1.6 version of the Pentaho Design Wizard with a DB2 type 4 jdbc connection. Nothing we would do would get the software to work, it always returned an error that looked like it was coming from the DB2 driver. I wrote a small test program on the side that simulated our DB2 connection parameters and it worked great. So I downloaded the 1.7 version of the code and started tinkering and found out that DriverShim.java was attempting to make multiple connections to the database and it was just dying after what appeared to be 10 connections. When I went in and made a static reference to the connection in DriverShim and only got it once it worked like a charm. Now I know returning only 1 connection will have consequences down stream, so the question I have is this, is this an IBM JDBC problem or is it within the Design Wizard connection utilities?

We did figure out that the DB2 driver needed an international version of the JRE because of encoding problems. That was a pain in the butt to debug

Thanks for any input,