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Thread: Step Size for Charts

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    Default Step Size for Charts

    I have a line chart where Y-axis values can only take either 0 or 1. When I display these values in a chart I can see the Y-axis numbered and calibrated from 0 to 1 with a step size of 0.2 (ie as 0, 0.2, 0.4 and so on...).
    Is there anyway to control this?


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    gmoran Guest


    Unfortunately, we have not exposed the ability to tailor the step, or set the range axis min-max values in the Pentaho Reporting charts, either feature would help solve your problem.

    If you are familiar with the BI Platform's ChartComponent, you DO have the ability to set the range axis min-max values with that component. If you are building charts in the context of the platform, you can then "hand over" that chart to the Pentaho Report, and accomplish what you are looking to do that way. There is an example of this hand off in the platform samples.

    Option two is to expose the features you need yourself in the Pentaho Reporting chart code... A trivial exercise of writing a getter and a setter, then setting the property on the chart. Let me know if your interested and need help, I can guide you, and help you submit the contribution.

    And the last nugget is this... the reason we aren't working like crazy to expand the chart properties exposed from the chart engine, is because we are working like crazy to implement a shared chart API for the platform, reports, ETL, etc, and provide an editor for building charts with it.

    Hope this all helps,

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