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Thread: Problem with drill down to pivot table

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    Default Problem with drill down to pivot table


    i have installed the pentaho business intelligence platform and had no problem with that. The test examples like hello world all aer working correctly. But when i want to test the example at

    this doesn´t work. I just get an empty side with only "Drill down to pivot table" at the head. The same occurs when i create my own cubes with the Cube Designer. Can somebody help me where i maybe have to change some parameters so that the pivot things work?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default asdf

    I'm not sure what all you have done/know how to do, but to get an example working using mondrian with jpivot, here's basically what you need to do (I'm using tomcat not jboss, so translate as necessary). This assumes you have a prepared db and a schema file for that db for use by mondrian:

    :- Open .../tomcat/conf/server.xml
    :- Add a new jndi connection for your database. You should already have others in there from setting up the demo, they will look like: <Resource name="jdbc/somename" auth="Container"...
    :- Create a folder to place your work: .../tomcat/pentaho-solutions/samples/<here>
    :- Copy an index.xml file from another directory in the .../samples folder to your new directory and make changes as necessary to reflect the name of your new folder
    :- Find a working analysis sample, eg, .../samples/steel-wheels/analysis/analysis_default.xaction, and copy it to your new folder.
    :- rename it as you see fit, then open the xaction script in design studio
    :- With eclipse open (the design studio), go to the 'define process' tab and highlight the process actions 'pivot view' item
    :- Copy your mondrian schema to the new folder you created
    :- Change the 'data model' field to: samples/<yourfolder>/theschemafile.xml
    (you don't need a full path)
    :- For 'data source' add the jndi connection you created earlier. Eg, I defined mine as: name="jdbc/tlreport", so in the field i just put 'tlreport'.
    :- Change the large text field below to reflect a query that is valid for your mondrian schema
    :- Save the xaction script.
    :- Restart the server

    That should, I believe, be it.


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    Default response to blank browser page.

    I had the exact same issue when I first started using Mondrian. The key thing that I was missing was I wasn't looking at the stadrad output that the pentaho service writes. I operate Penatho on Linux so when I start pentaho vai the script. This executes a script that then display the output of everything when I am in JPivot, etc.

    When you generate the blank page, look at the pentaho service output, it will provide you with error messages etc. AS soon as I saw this output I cleary saw where my issue was. I had mispelled the <schema-name>.mondrian.xml file so Monrian thought I had not schema defined. and didn;t genrate any sort of error message in the Web Browser page, butkicked out a ton of errors on the pentaho service stdout.

    Hope that helps,

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