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Thread: new dimension cache-control API

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    Default new dimension cache-control API

    I'm working on an extension to the Cache Control API.

    This interface (mondrian.olap.CacheControl) helps deal with dynamic data sources. For efficiency mondrian saves the results of database queries, keeping a cache of cell values. If the underlying data changes, the saved values of some cells become wrong. When an application is aware of the data changes (it monitors them, or it causes them), it can call CacheControl to specify regions of cells as outdated, and mondrian will flush them from its cache.

    I plan to extend this control to another cache that keeps data about dimensions. In some applications this data is dynamic too: member attributes can change, and (more importantly) a dimension hierarchy can be restructured, which may change the membership of higher levels. This can redefine cells and change cell values.

    For example, consider a dimension Location, with levels Country, Region, State, City. Suppose that a City moves in the hierarchy: say that Fishers Island, New York is annexed by Connecticut. Note that Connecticut and its region (New England) gain population etc, while New York and its region (Mid-Atlantic) lose; however both regions are in the same country, which doesn't change. A cell defined by state=CT or by state=NY may change, while a cell defined by state=NJ or region=WestCoast won't change.

    The new API assumes that the application is aware of dimension changes, especially when the dimension data comes from a database. With the new interface, there are two ways to track these changes:
    • a caller can modify the cached data, changing member attributes or rearranging the hierarchy
    • a caller can specify a set of changed members, flushing them from the cache
    In both cases, Mondrian figures out what cells are affected, and flushes them from the cell cache.

    The target date for this feature is the end of Feb 2008. With luck it will be part of the next Mondrian release. A proposed java interface is attached.

    Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions.
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