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Thread: CurrentDateMember only works "WITH MEMBER"

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    Default CurrentDateMember only works "WITH MEMBER"

    Dear all,
    I'm trying to use variations of current date function. Ex: show me last 30 days from today.

    I would like to use CurrentDateMember function on axis like in the examples shown in the documentation.

    But I couldn't so far.

    I succeeded using the current date only in the "WITH MEMBER" section, like:

    WITH MEMBER [Time].[Today] AS 
      CurrentDateMember( [Time] , '[yyyy]\.[mm]\.[dd]', EXACT )
    and it works, but if I try to use the very same function on rows, it returns an empty set.....

    { CurrentDateMember( [Time] , '[yyyy]\.[mm]\.[dd]', EXACT ) } ON ROWS ...
    Any suggestion?

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    I have the same problem with mondrian 2.4.2, but with 2.3.2 not.
    With the last one 3.0, works fine, please try.

    Carlos Dias

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    The 3.0 since to work with the "Workbench", but not with JPivot.

    The "with Member" is not the solution for me.
    My time dimension is a regular dimension because has the levels Year, Month, Day, Hour and minute.

    What can I do?

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