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Thread: Splitting Time Dim. Levels across axis ?

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    Question Splitting Time Dim. Levels across axis ?

    Is it possible to place 1 level of the time dimentsion as a column and another level as a row ? I have a time dimension with Year/Month/Week levels. In JPivot I want to compare data for Months across years. So somethoing like:

    __________________________------------- SALES $ ---------------
    __________________________YEAR 1 YEAR 2 Year 3
    Customer A

    So the Year level of the time dimension would be columns and the Month level would be rows. This allows easy visual comparison of Months year over year.
    The only way I have been able to do this is to have a spearate dimetnsion outside of the Time dimension call Dim_Months. Then I have in my analysis the additional Dim_Months dimension. This is a bit awkward as it is not intuitive toi inlcude to dimensions for Time.

    Any ideas?,

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    Anyone have any ideas on this? I'm looking for the same sort of thing.


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    I don't think you'll find exactly what you want. One thing in MDX that will likely remain constant: a dimension may only be used on the rows OR columns of a query, not both. It doesn't seem that there is anything wrong with using a dimension twice, but it must be used on the same axis.

    Personally I would just go with the 2nd dimension idea. I'm doing the same thing right now with a 'special events' dimension. Most examples you'll find of a date dimension include all special events in the date dimension itself, but with overlapping special events you end up with duplicate date entries in the date dimension table, so I decided to add a separate dimension for special events to allow for overlapping events.

    For example, some people might define 'christmas season' as nov-dec, which would contain thanksgiving, black friday, hannukah, quanza, and other holidays I've not thought of, not to mention you might have a company party that falls on presidents day, or something similar. Why have special case stuff like a column for each holiday, a column specifying seasons when all of this could be accurately described as a separate dimension?

    Alternatively, you could just write a report that breaks things out the way you want.


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