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Thread: WAQR refuses to generate reports

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    Default WAQR refuses to generate reports

    I m evaluating WAQR and Metadata Editor. This is my situation. I've built a business model in Metadata Editor and successfully published it to the pentaho server. I can view the model, but when I try to preview the report or save it, the follow errors appear. also the next button at step4 is not enabled. How can I get this problem around? BTW Im using PCI.


    11:45:34,136 ERROR [SQLLookupRule] Error end:
    11:45:34,136 ERROR [SQLLookupRule] 81726f1a-c94c-11dc-a8b8-0fd02e9af2ec:COMPONEN
    T:context-24004634-1201049134073:InMemorySolutionSQLBaseComponent.ERROR_0005 - D
    atabase connection could not be established
    11:45:34,152 ERROR [RuntimeContext] 81726f1a-c94c-11dc-a8b8-0fd02e9af2ec:RUNTIME
    :context-24004634-1201049134073review.xaction RuntimeContext.ERROR_0012 - Acti
    onDefinition for MQLRelationalDataComponent did not execute successfully
    11:45:34,152 ERROR [SolutionEngine] 81726f1a-c94c-11dc-a8b8-0fd02e9af2ec:SOLUTIO
    N-ENGINEreview.xaction: SolutionEngine.ERROR_0007 - Action sequence execution

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    Quote Originally Posted by PengZ View Post
    - Database connection could not be established
    Are you sure the database connection used in the model is defined correctly?
    The log looks like if there are problems connecting to your database.
    Kind regards,

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    Hi Alex
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I created the model In the metadata editor, and the connection was set from there. so in metadata editor, every query works perfects. I just simply published the model to the PCI server, it seems it works! i can see the model, i can choose the columns and define the constraints. Just the last step, it crashed. Then I got back and found the preview never works.
    Do it mean I have to set up the database connection for PCI again? in that case, how? (it might be simple, but i did search the internet, and found nowhere explaining what needs to be done after publishing the self-defined business model in WAQR)

    Thank you again

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    Perhaps it may herlp to take a look into the metadata definition file you published.
    It's suffix is *.xmi and it should be placed within the solution directory where you published it to.
    In this (xml)-file, there is a tag named "DATABASE_ACCESS". the tags around this one dexcribe your connection. If the value for database_acces is JNDI, this must be defined as a JNDI-datasource within your server container (if you use the PCI, it is a JBOSS).

    I just made a test with a jdbc-connection. This domain model worked without problems after publishing.

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    Default Same problem

    Hello all,

    sorry it's a old thread, but I think I have the same problem. I have searching all the afternoon, but I don't know what I do wrong.
    I have created the omdel in the metadata editor, and the connection was set from there, (native connection, jdbc). In metadata editor every works perfects.
    I have published the model to the Pentaho Server, it seems it works.
    I can see the model, i can choose the columns but I can't preview my report.

    Please I need some help.

    Thanks for the future answer.


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    Default Solution

    Hello all,
    finally I have found the solution, for the explication, follow this link :

    Good for everyone!


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